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maritime stockholm

S/S Birger Jarl was launched on 15 January 1953 and named after the 13th century Swedish statesman Birger jarl. After her maiden voyage to Helsinki she started regular service on the routes Stockholm - Helsinki and Stockholm - Turku. Today, M/S Birger Jarl is a cruise ship on service between Stockholm and Mariehamn on the Åland Islands (Finland).

The smaller vessel is Stockholm Ström 2 from 1894 on route from Slussen to Fjäderholmarna - "where the archipelago begins".

Finnboda hamn, Nacka (map) 9 August 2010


Carrie said...

I have a question about the tower in the back. What is that?

Peter Fristedt said...

Thanks for asking Carrie!

It's the Kaknäs tower (in Swedish Kaknästornet), a major hub of Swedish television, radio and satellite broadcasting. The building was completed in 1967 and designed by architects Borgström and Lindroos. With a height of 161 meters (170 meters, antenna included) it's one of the tallest buildings in Scandinavia. On the 28:th floor there is a restaurant and on floors 30 and 31 are indoor and outdoor observation decks.

The name, Kaknäs, comes from one of the four Kings Manors that once lay here.

We have quite a few photos of it from different angels at our web.

Carrie said...

Peter: Thank you for the information! I've seen the tower in many pictures and always wondered about it. Thanks again!!

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