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earth calling vreten

This vehicle has been parked outside the headquarters of state-owned Swedish Space Corporation. 

Vretenvägen, Solna (map) 1 September 2010


Leif Hagen said...

Hej Per! Vad dummt - vi skulle hadde traffat i Stockholm i augusti nar jag var dar hos slaktningar pa Odenplan eller hos slaktningar i Tullinge! Nasta gang!

VP said...

I like your use of 'parked', so one can think that one day it will fly away again...
(Once more too much SciFi showing up!)

Jacob said...

What vehicle? It looks like a huge trash compactor.

Per Stromsjo said...

Do read here about a remarkable lunar mission, design courtesy of Swedish Space Corporation.

Leif Hagen: Hoppas du fick en fin vistelse. Det är inte alla som har släkt på Odenplan.

VP: Apparently, we're both suffering from excessive SciFi consumption.

Jacob: Don't tell anyone but that's a clever disguise to fool industrial competition! ;)

Thanks all for a bit of stellar commenting today.

Jacob said...

Re your comment on Ocala DP: I always wash my hands before playing this instrument!

Lena Johansson said...

Kan man åka tur o retur?

JM said...

I also like the word 'parked'! And look at this 'vehicle' colour! :-)

arabesque said...

neat abstract,i thought it was
a structure, some outer space thing.
the foto got me thinking for sure! ^0^

Per Stromsjo said...

I was amused to come across this while strolling in Solna.

Jacob: An impeccable strategy, no doubt.

Lena Johansson: Av nå'n anledning säljer enkelresorna dåligt?

JM: Is that a colour? ;)

arabesque: I bet they had fun coming up with the idea of placing a rocket here.

Always a pleasure to have you all hanging around the launch pad with us.

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