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I do

Elin and Rikard got married at the Central Station in front of hundreds of passers by (many stopped).

Centralstationen (map) 3 April 2010


Anonymous said...

Exhibitionists of the world - unite!

Halcyon said...

A funny place to get married! But at least they had a guaranteed crowd!

Tinsie said...

That must have been one noisy wedding!!!

Bernt Seipl said...

fristedt: You're aware that we have recently had a really high profile wedding :-)Exhibitionists, but not by choice - I believe.

Halcyon: Oh yes. A lot of people around all the time. Not all took a minute to stop though. Most just glanced, and probably just thought "another one of those happenings again".

Tinsie: Not so noisy, actually. Bearable.

Thanks for commenting on this unusual wedding.

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