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center of attention

Not unlike a flower bud ready to burst and in the midst of a roundabout, a dramatic bronze sculpture - Livskraft ("Lustiness") by Carl-Gustaf Ekberg.

Edsviksvägen, Danderyd (map) 11 July 2010


Lena Johansson said...

Så vacker och vilka fina kontraster mellan det röda och det blå!

Tinsie said...

Interesting-looking sculpture - and stunning blue sky! Me likey.

Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful sculpture. Great Image.
About soccer here in the States interest has definitely increased. It is very obvious in the big metro areas, up to the point that when the US was playing one of the national networks was carrying the game instead of ESPN.

Jacob said...

Verrrrrry interesting! A flower-like object about to burst? A soccer ball? A really beat up but colorful tennis ball?

And the point is?

A homage to something or other.

Dramatic photo, Per!

Per Stromsjo said...

This is one of those sculptures which are rather uninteresting in daylight.

Lena Johansson: Det där motivet gjorde verkligen motstånd. Fick klampa ända ut i rondellen för att få till något.

Tinsie: You know me, I'm a sucker for those skies.

Luis Gomez: Appreciate that.

Jacob: Please, no more footballs for a decade, at least...

Thanks all for a bursting a while with us.

arabesque said...

hi per,
attractive looking! ^0^
that's definitely one unique sculpture.

Halcyon said...

That's certainly something different, but I like it. Esepcially since it's red!

JM said...

I'm not sure about the sculpture but the photo is fantastic!

Per Stromsjo said...

Here's a daytime view from the sculptor's own web site.

arabesque: Possibly worthy of a better location.

Halcyon: So red in fact that I did have some difficulties with the colour saturation.

JM: I wouldn't know how to create a sculpture so that's the best I could be hoping for! :)

Again, thanks all.

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