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stainless Garbo

Greta Lovisa Gustafsson was born 1905 in Stockholm. During a brief career, she became a larger-than-life Hollywood movie star under the name Greta Garbo. Her final film was released in 1941, she died in 1990 and this sculpture in stainless steel by Thomas Qvarsebo was created in 2005.

Filmstaden, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


cieldequimper said...

Hope you had a good Easter.
These are very nice likenesses of a great woman and actress.

Lena Johansson said...

En ovanlig staty. Hur fann du den?

Halcyon said...

A cool sculpture for a cool lady!

Per Stromsjo said...

I'm fond of this sculpture. Having her stylized face repeated (three times, in fact) in successive "film frames" is a simple and brilliant idea.

cieldequimper: Thanks. A very good Easter. I agree about the likeness. Not every contemporary sculpture has that kind of an immediate, intuitive quality...

Lena Johansson: Jag gick dit näsan pekade! :) I det här fallet pekade den mot SF:s huvudkontor i Filmstaden - ett ställe jag hört om men aldrig besökt. Finns ett mysigt fik där som vi ska återkomma till.

Halcyon: Well summed up!

Lights, action... thanks all!

Jacob said...

Although Greta Garbo was before my time ... by a few years ... she was a great actress. This looks like a beautiful tribute to her screen persona!

Us Swedes are sure good-looking, aren't we?

Pia K said...

the *same* sculpture can be found at a sofo square - of which i can't remember the name - too. in the vicinity of katarina bangata. neat design!

Tinsie said...

That's a very interesting sculpture. I like it!

JM said...

As a Garbo fan I can only like this. Pretty cool artwork!

Per Stromsjo said...

The sculpture is situated outside the head office of Svensk Filmindustri - our predominant film distributor.

Jacob: Immensely good-looking we are! :)

Pia K: Very neat. The idea is simple and intuitive.

Tinsie: So do I!

JM: Right you are. Imagine that... Having many fans worldwide after all these years.

Again, thanks all.

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