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winter picnic

A winter picnic. On a table made of snow we find blueberries soup, bananas, biscuits and snacks. The grill is brought out for any barbecue desires.

Saltsjöbaden vinterstadion, Nacka (map) 5 March 2010


Andrea Gerak said...

now that's crazy :-)))
Do you know what occasion was it?

Halcyon said...

Very interesting. I guess it wasn't too cold.

Tinsie said...

Where are the people?

Peter Fristedt said...

It was so cold they went inside ... No, just kidding. They were out slalom racing. I think it was a whole school having an open air day. When I came there they had no intention of taking a snack - it was all race race race. Then I was cold and went inside.

Here's a photo:

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