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helmets on !

Ice or no ice, the bike season is upon us. Now is the time to practice.

Orangeriet, Ulriksdals slott, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


Steffe said...


Halcyon said...

Helmets are important. Especially here in Jackson where people are not used to sharing the road!

arabesque said...

must, must, people here are stubborn when it comes to wearing helmets. ^0^
nice monochrome.

Per Stromsjo said...

What do you say folks, should I get myself a bike as well?

Steffe: I take it you won't need to practice a lot.

Halcyon: Ouch! Roads are for sharing. Except when I'm out on my summer night excursions of course...

arabesque: Sometimes, mono people are the nicest people around.

Thanks all for your interest in environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

Peter Fristedt said...

Yes, nice monochrome!

I'm longing for the biking season. Steffe, aren't you a biker?

cieldequimper said...

If they can do it on ice, it'll be a piece of cake.

Jacob said...

You mean you don't have a bike? I'd recommend you get one but wait to try to ride it until the ice is gone!

Icey is dicey!

Tinsie said...

I wouldn't practise on ice, helmet or no helmet!

Per Stromsjo said...

I tried riding a bike on an ice oval once. Let me put it like this, the activity was not altogether an epic success.

Peter: He's the biker.

cieldequimper: Very good point.

Jacob: I suppose I do but it's not in terribly good shape anymore.

Tinsie: A wise approach.

Again, thanks everyone.

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