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going home

Ice on Årstaviken ("Årsta Bay") and people get an urge to go out walking on water. The old mill in the background - Skanskvarn at Gullmarsplan - is now a restaurant. The mill was closed in 1882 and is registered at as being haunted by the friendly ghost Linda.

Årstaviken (map) 31 January 2010


Carrie Flicka said...

I'd walk on water if I could. However, there is not a lot of opportunity to do that here in Dallas, TX!! I'm going to have to do some research on that mill. Very interesting.

Halcyon said...

That looks like some walk!

Andrea Gerak said...

fantastic! Walking on ice is something really cool.
I pass there (on the bridge and not on the water...) almost every day, but never saw people walking, from high above, it looks a bit dangerous.

Steffe said...

It's a special feeling, walking on water. Nice scene.

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