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dwell in Kallhäll

19 km north-west of the city and with some 12000 residents, Kallhäll is part of Järfälla Municipality. The old-style outdoor shopping center (out of view here, to the left) is rather worn and gloomy. In the background are more recent buildings along Källtorpsvägen, symbolically highlighted by the afternoon sun. And then there's an old tree which has seen architectural styles come and go.

Kallhäll centrum, Järfälla (map) 21 February 2010


Lena Johansson said...

Yes, the tree has seen a lot :-)

Per Stromsjo said...

What kind of tree would you say this is, Lena?

Jacob said...

Sheesh! I embiggened the photo and you are still knee-deep (or deeper) in snow! Will spring never arrive? And what happens to all that snow when it melts?

Cool photo, Per. I especially like the warm light on the new buildings.

arabesque said...

have to agree with jacob, the place's still full of snow! ^-^
but with the tree that's been there sometime and the modern bldgs. as b.ground,i'd say it's a well composed shot.
happy weekend!

Tinsie said...

That's an interesting shot. I'll join the others in wishing you a prompt arrival of spring weather.

Claes said...

Min Claes säger att det bör vara en ek. Quercus robur.
Lena Johansson

Per Stromsjo said...

The name Kalhelle was first documented in 1539.

Jacob: If we're lucky spring will arrive slowly, melting the snow little by little. If not, we're in for trouble, especially those living near lakes and rivers.

arabesque: I bet there was nothing here except other trees when this one got rooted.

Tinsie: But not too prompt! Flooding is no fun.

Lena: Och jag tror han har helt rätt. Tack för sakkunskap. Du vet ju hur det är med min botanik...

Again, thanks everyone.

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