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watch your step

I'm not sure about the reason behind the different colours on the steps, but it made a good picture and that's enough for me :-)

Skärholmen (map) 26 December 2009


Lena Johansson said...


Peter Fristedt said...

I want to see more of this in Stockholm!

Tinsie said...

How cool!

Steffe said...

It's to make people buy more stuff!

Bernt Seipl said...

Peter: Me too - decoration for no obvious reason (as it seems)

Steffe: You could be right....

Lena: Ja, inte sant?

Tinsie: Right you are.

Thanks for commenting

Halcyon said...

I think it's purely aesthetic!

Alexander said...

That's a very colourful one. ;)

Alex's World! -

JM said...

I can't agree more, they make for a very cool shot!

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