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swimming prohibited

This used to be a bird bath. Closed for the season, I'd say. Winter has really hit us this year. Lots of snow, as depicted on several occasions already. It's not easy for our winged friends. Not only is the bath closed, it's cold as well.

Grödinge, Botkyrka (map) 17 December 2009


Luis Gomez said...

As I have said before I will not complain about a little couple of days of snow in DC.

VP said...

No snow here, so now I understand what has to be a real winter.

Alexander said...

Very interesting post and it is well depicted by this photo. :)

Have a good weekend.

Alex's World! -

Bernt Seipl said...

It has been a while since Stockholm and vicinity had such amounts of snow. We always have winter, but it's more common to have one with very little or no snow, so this is a change. Presently there is about 50 cm snow on top of that bath.

Thanks for your comments, guys

Tinsie said...

Definitely closed for the season!

gabtudor said...

hm, I guess spring is not arround the corner ;)

Bernt Seipl said...

Tinsie: As closed as it gets :-)

Gabtudor: According to the weather forecast - No. Not in a few weeks anyway. It's been delayed - how long? Who knows...

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