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order in Hemmesta

Use the blue post box for local mail, the yellow box otherwise. Any irregularities will be noticed by a four-legged inspector.

Hemmesta centrum, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010


cieldequimper said...

Lol! He does look very attentive. Bet his paws are cold.

VP said...

He looks smarter than any inspector I have ever seen.

Andreea said...

He seems to be keeping an eye on you, maybe he thought you are gonna mess with the mail. Cute dog.

arabesque said...

seriously, that's an actual mailbox?! wha! it's been covered in snow! lol.
the dog looks quite cute though, he's actually looking straight at you. ^0^
happy weekend per!

Per Stromsjo said...

Don't know about you all but I'm very much a dog person.

cieldequimper: One of the strange properties of snow is that it helps isolate against the cold ground. So he may in fact prefer to keep those feet in the snow. I know it sounds weird.


Andreea: Clearly, my every move was being monitored.

arabesque: Two mailboxes, in fact. Before long, we'll all be covered in snow here. Today however was the first day above freezing point in a long time. Happy weekend to you as well.

Be sure to put your mail in the right box, folks.

Jacob said...

Doggone it! He's not a she, he's a mail dog!

Alexander said...

haha... a mail inspector. Woo...

Alex's World! -

Tinsie said...

You don't want to upstet *that* inspector! He doesn't look like he can take a joke.

Per Stromsjo said...

E-mail is also being inspected these days...

Jacob: At the moment our infrastructure needs all the support it can get.

Alexander: And a pretty one too!

Tinsie: Integrity is a defining character for any inspector.

Thanks guys.

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