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meet me by the shell (2)

Enough is enough. A young lady no longer waits patiently by that symbolic shell fossil. Sculpture by Nils G Stenqvist.

Huddinge station, Huddinge (map) 24 January 2010


cieldequimper said...

She was probably muttering "to hell with men!"... Nice follow up shot!

Andreea said...

Good, cause she looked like she was freezing.

Steffe said...

Probably a little too cold to wait around.

Per Stromsjo said...

Patience is a virtue... in reasonable quantities.

cieldequimper: Entirely possible! ;)

Andreea: She's could be heading for the indoor mall instead.

Steffe: Then again, maybe there was a phone call and they agreed on a rendezvous elsewhere.

Good to be exploring this artsy meeting place with you all!

Jacob said...

Well, hell, that's quite a shell! What is it doing there? But, as you suggest, it is a good place to meet someone.

Sorry about your weather. I'm sure that you're looking forward to spring!

Tinsie said...

That doesn't look like the same lady at all ;-)

VP said...

I understand her, I have no patience with abitual latecomers. My son excluded.

arabesque said...

i remember this picture. ^0^
always a mystery why the artist created a shell as an art.
but great foto!

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Then he said, "Was your cell phone off? I called and called to say I would be late!"
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Per Stromsjo said...

Commuter train ("pendeltåg") stations are usually boring places. This sculpture does make a difference.

Jacob: I guess it's fair to say that spring will be rather welcome.

Tinsie: She did age a couple of minutes between the photos and the angles are different...

VP: Come to think of it, I should get myself a watch. Or rather have the battery replaced in one of the existing ones.

arabesque: Mostly luck, as usual. I was after the architecture and got this little story as a bonus.

Three Rivers: LOL!

Good of you all to stop by the shell with us.

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