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the lightful night

This is a view from Skansen. In front - the gates, with some trees with lots of lights. Then some dark parts (mostly water) and after that you see the many lights of two ferries to Åland. In the background you see the lights from the Globe and the church tower of Sofia.

Skansen (map) 20 December 2009


VP said...

I like the light of the ferries in the dark background.

Alexander said...

Very pretty night view of the coast and ferries.

Alex's World! -

Tinsie said...

That's beautiful. I love Stockholm by night :-)

Halcyon said...

So pretty. I always like the night shots.

Bernt Seipl said...

VP & Alexander: Yes, they DO add a little extra don't they?

Tinsie & Halcyon: Me too...I'm a sucker for nighttime photos.

Thanks for your comments

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