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building a tunnel

Construction work going on in Riddarfjärden. Here they are building a part of the commuter train tunnel - the City Line - under water. Three tunnel parts measuring 100 meters in length and 800 tonnes in weight has been built in the Estonian capital Tallinn and are being towed to central Stockholm. Ice skaters had the surprise of their life when they were confronted with one of them on Lake Mälaren (a scene shown on this photo from the City Line project site).

Riddarfjärden (map) 18 January 2010


VP said...

I like pictures 'at work' like this. The one of the link was really a 'big' surprise!

Tinsie said...

Haha! Imagine finding something like that on a frozen lake. I'd be surprised too!!

Steffe said...

That would be a bit of a surprise.

But not as cold as going through the ice!

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

It is a beautiful, dramatic picture with the big yellow crane and the lights, with the attractive buildings above. It would be startling to come upon the big metal box on one's lake!

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