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meet me by the shell

A young lady patiently waiting in Huddinge commuter train station by a sculpture depicting a shell fossil and a star system. The artist Nils G Stenqvist calls this sculpture Du har tid! ("You've got time!"). Makes sense, doesn't it?

Huddinge station, Huddinge (map) 24 January 2010


VP said...

The young lady is obviously the best part of the picture, but even the artwork isn't that bad and at least has a witty title...

Alexander said...

Very nice shot. I see a lady is there already! ;)

Alex's World! -

arabesque said...

cool artwork, agreeing with vp, the lady in waiting makes this shot interesting! ^0^

Luis Gomez said...

Nice urban shoot.

cieldequimper said...

I'll take that kind of artwork in tube or train stations any day. The young lady gives it a nice sense of perspective.

Per Stromsjo said...

I bet the artist would have liked the idea of people waiting by this particular work of art.

VP: The human presence is what gives life to any urban view.

Alexander: And she did hang around for a while.

arabesque: As always, patience is a virtue.

Luis Gomez: Lots to see in all those suburbs.

cieldequimper: That's true, a sense of scale as well.

Appreciate your waiting together with us.

Jacob said...

'Tis a big shell compared to the little lady!

Time is of the essence - or not. Did you see with the new pictures from the Hubble telescope we're getting closer and closer to the Big Bang...rather amazing to see things just now in our vision that occurred billions of years ago!

A meaning couple of pieces!

Andreea said...

:) I think it looks good as far as train station art goes. Clever name.

Tinsie said...

I agree with VP, the young lady is what makes this picture special, but the artwork is good too.

Per Stromsjo said...

The real question is of course, did she wait in vain? Stay tuned to find out.

Jacob: I know. The concept "now" in astronomy is real confusing.

Andreea: Commuter trains have been plagued by delays recently so I bet some people have had more time to admire works of art than they had been planning to...

Tinsie: Many of us (myself included) rarely go visiting galleries so art in public places is what most of us get to see. Most of the time.

Again, thanks all.

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