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icing on the lake

While skating through life, sometimes holding hands is the most important thing.

Övre Rudasjön, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


VP said...

A beautiful shot against an amazing background, with a really appropriate caption.

Andreea said...

I totally agree :) (with holding hands and VP's comment)

Luis Gomez said...

Nice caption for a lovely shot.

Steffe said...

That's my neighbourhood!

Lake Rudan is a favorite place of mine.

arabesque said...

well captured, good caption! ^0^ agreeing with vp and andreea!

Per Stromsjo said...

Lakes are slippery when frozen. My walking out there was not an entirely clever move...

VP: Appreciate that.

Andreea: Quite a few fellow residents of Haninge were out there, skating or skiing.

Luis Gomez: Glad you like it!

Steffe: I know it's your neighbourhood and it was about time we finally paid a visit. According to the maps, there appears to be two Lakes Rudan ?

arabesque: I'm still quite surprised that Father Frost has settled here for more than a month now.

Would all of you also want to go skating around the lake?

cieldequimper said...

I would have to hold hands, otherwise I'd break a leg or two.
Wonderful shot!

Jacob said...

Delightful shot! Sometimes holding hands is the only thing that keeps you upright!

Claes said...

Sååå fint Per!
Lena Johansson

Tinsie said...

Great capture! I love your people shots :-)

Steffe said...

That's true. Upper Lake Rudan is the lake you see from the commuter station. And that's where you met the ice skaters. Lower Lake Rudan is just 100 meters to the south and that's where I always seem to meet anglers and ice fishers.

Per Stromsjo said...

Been snowing all afternoon so I bet there won't be much skating going on out there tomorrow.

cieldequimper: I share your concerns. Not sure it'd be enough to hold one hand in my case!

Jacob: In a nutshell.

Claes/Lena: Gillar du att skrinna?

Tinsie: Appreciate your relentless support! :)

Steffe: If someone says "Rudan", which one is he referring to?

Thanks everyone.

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