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gained some weight, eh?

A large birch tree has a zillion branches and twigs. Given the right (=wrong) weather they will all start accumulating a fair amount of ice. I wonder how much extra weight these trees at the conference center Sjövillan by Lake Norrviken had to carry all of a sudden when humidity rose and temperatures fell.

Rotebergsvägen. Sollentuna (map) 30 December 2009


VP said...

Do branches ever crash down for the weight?

arabesque said...

haha,a crash course diet! ^0^
i have to say, they look good despite their weight though.
nice catch!

Tinsie said...

Certainly looks weighed down. Great capture!

Per Stromsjo said...

This turned out to be another one of them sepia nights... We've had quite a few of those recently.

VP: Gee, I'm beginning to realize I've raised a topic I know next to nothing about... Naww, probably not. As long as the tree is in good health it won't get harmed by reasonably normal weather.

arabesque: This frosty costume makes the entire landscape enchanting. Mind you - as long as one doesn't have to remain outdoors for too long.

Tinsie: Appreciate that! Visitors at this conference center had a gorgeous view.

Thanks all for caring about our trees.

Jacob said...

I don't know from the weight, but I'd want to be sitting by a roaring fireplace in that building when the birches came crashing down!

A rather eerie, yet very beautiful photograph!

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

This is a beautiful - and icy - picture. The ice looks feathery, too bad that we know that it weighs so much!

Per Stromsjo said...

This phenomenon is more common early in the winter when there are still open waters around.

Jacob: They won't come crashing down. Blogging from the fireplace does sound like just the ticket!

Three Rivers, Michigan: Appreciate that. It's one spectacular make-over for the entire landscape.

Thanks for stopping by.

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