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a bath in the cold - and dark night

This guy doesn't seem to mind. Found him in the park in front of Centralbadet ("the Central Bath") and got an urge to test my camera a bit. This image is at ISO3200 and 1/4 sek. No tripod.

Drottninggatan (map) 19 November 2009


VP said...

Not bad for these extreme shhoting contitions. That 'guy' is funny...

Svenske Floyd said...

Good shot indeed!

Claes said...

I thought it was somewhere in ItalY :-)

Luis Gomez said...

Looks good! Nice shot.

Bernt Seipl said...

VP: I agree. It was more of an experiment with that high ISO but to my surprise it turned out quite OK

Svenske Floyd & Luis Gomez: Thanks guys :-)

Claes: Could have been, I suppose. Who knows, he might be there too?

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