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stubborn old house

text & photo: Anette Åhlander

This lovely old house, abandoned since many years now, is as stubborn as the locals - the famous "rospiggarna". New houses are built around the corner, but it's still standing there, seeing life change and people passing on the wriggling gravel road. Only a year ago, a wolf killed six sheep nearby. And this less than 30 kilometres north east of Stockholm.

Åsättra, Österåker (map) 15 November 2009


Vogon Poet said...

It looks like another world, beautiful, but I am not sure I would like it as my 'everyday'...

Per Stromsjo said...

A rospigg was literally a person living in Roden - this particular coastal district with an impressively long history.

I'm impressed by your photo. You managed to capture the essence of November. Grey, somewhat misty, sometimes gloomy but also a month without sharp edges and maybe, just maybe, a dreamy quality.

Thanks for sharing.

Jacob said...

Boy, does that look dark and gloomy. Kinda like a Minnesota winter (cf Eagan)...

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