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royal spelling

We're back at University Station, a few meters away from where I shot this.

Several places in the vicinity were named after Italian cities by King Gustav III in the 18th century. He did get one name wrong though so this place was called Frescati instead of Frascati. To celebrate (or rectify?) this spelling error a modern university campus has been established here and this is subway station Universitetet.

Tunnelbana Universitetet (map) 1 November 2009


Steffe said...

Spelling schmeling!

Andrea Gerak said...

Imagine making up mistakes in such a generous ways... the world would be a bit different...

Great perspective on the shot!

Leif Hagen said...

Where is everyone?!

Halcyon said...

I am beginning to think you spend too much time on the subway!

Per Stromsjo said...

Some trivia about this photo... I spent half an hour awaiting train after train to get the best shot with an arriving train zooming by. But first of all I made a test shot without a train and when all was said and done the test shot turned out to be the best version. So much for hanging around half an hour!

Steffe: According to postmodernism I'm not even sure there is such a thing as objectively correct spelling. Reality disappears and is deconstructed into a haze of subjectivity. Or something.

Andrea Gerak: Or maybe he had in fact found an obscure place - now forgotten - by the name Frescati ?

Leif Hagen: Aboard the train that left 30 seconds ago!

Halcyon: On the contrary! So many stations - so little time... :)

Thanks all for spell-checking a bit with us.

Anonymous said...

it's... so... clean...


arabesque said...

how did you manage to get a shot of an empty subway?
oh, read your reply below
and the confusing names... ^0^

Vogon Poet said...

Same mistake in Dublin. Probably both mispelling on some Frascati wine, after a trip in the Campagna Romana!

Halcyon said...

I am now fully convinced you are spending too much time underground!! :D

JM said...

Great sense of depth!

Tinsie said...

I thought Frescati/Frascati was pretty much the same thing? I've certainly seen both spellings over here (but then again what do we know about languages?) haha!

Tinsie said...

Don't you love it when the first shot (amongst several) turns out to be the best? It happens to me all the time!

Per Stromsjo said...

There's a special form of writing on the wall in this station and I'm not referring to that everyday vandalism. We'll get back to the artwork some other day.

Paz: Those who have tried to commute wearing white clothes might not agree entirely but we often get this comment so there's got to be some truth to it.

arabesque: Yep. Lots of folks here a moment ago. And those travelling in the other direction were waiting on another platform.

Vogon Poet: Wining, dining and spelling - a hazardous combination!

Halcyon: :D

JM: It's a long platform but I was standing at the very end of it.

Tinsie: In my case it's usually the other way round. Seems like I need hours to arrive at shots I'm happy with. Lots of trial-and-horror.

Thanks everyone.

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