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pernilla on a roll

Subway cars in Stockholm have names. Here are Pernilla and Kent stopping by under Danderyd University Hospital.

Tunnelbana Danderyds sjukhus, Danderyd (map) 1 November 2009


Vogon Poet said...

This is great, you have to introduce yourself taking the subway?

arabesque said...

ha, one thing is for sure...i think you love taking shots around the subway station. ^0^

Steffe said...

The name Kent is from the rock band. And Pernilla is the former alpine skier Pernilla Wiberg.

B SQUARED said...

Any nick-names?

Halcyon said...

Funny that the cars have names!

But this is just more proof to me that you're spending too much time underground. Get out into the light! :D

Per Stromsjo said...

This model C20 takes 378 sitting passengers and is 46 meters long. Three cars make up a full length train for rush hour traffic.

Vogon Poet: You mean like a bit of poetic justice after my framing all those other commuters?

arabesque: Naww, whatever makes you think that? ;)

Steffe: Turns out that there's even a Povel car. From now on, that'll be my favourite.

B Squared: Mostly plain, common names. But also Mamma (Mummy) and Benny after a certain composer/former pop star.

Halcyon: I was sort of expecting that remark! :D (However, "getting out into the light" is easier said than done in Stockholm in November. Lots of room for foggy, dusky images these days.)

Thanks all for commuting patiently with us.

cieldequimper said...

How wonderful! 'I travelled in Pernilla today, and you?' That would be a hoot in Paris!

Jacob said...

Very nice subway. I'm so envious! And I like the way the train is sharp and the people are in motion. Nice shot!

Per Stromsjo said...

I think I've visited all 100 stations. Mind you - not always with a camera so there's a lot left to document in our down-under.

cieldequimper: A simple way to make that daily commute somewhat more personal and unique.

Jacob: Thanks. I wish our modern politicians had the same amount of wisdom and foresight that guided their predecessors into envisioning a modern high capacity rail network for a city which was kind of smallish then.

Hope you're all on a roll as well today!

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