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the Riga connection

The MS Silja Festival is one of two Tallink ferries serving the route between Stockholm and Riga, Latvia. We're looking west-south-west from Larsberg, Lidingö. Can you spot any churches?

Frihamnen (map) 29 September 2009


Vogon Poet said...

I've been in Riga a couple of times and took a Tallink ferry to Helsinki, from Tallin, if I remember well.
Two churches?

Halcyon said...

Do many people take this ferry? Is there alot to see in Riga?

Per Stromsjo said...

These ferries are huge ...

Vogon Poet: At least two out of which I've managed to identify one (with a bit of effort, embarrassingly enough).

Halcyon: Never been to Riga. Latvia has been ruled by foreign powers (including Sweden!) during most of its history. 1991 however it regained its independence.

As for these ferries across the Baltic, yep - many people take them. Sometimes to actually visit another place but quite frequently for a bit of wining and dining... uhm, sorry - conferencing !

Thanks, guys.

cieldequimper said...

Three? I would love to go to visit the Baltic states but I believe Tallinn is the must-see. Yes, it does look HUGE.

Jacob said...

This is a beautiful-looking ferry; I've never seen the like.

One can always spot churches, 'cause they've got their "noses" high up in the air, a couple hundred feet above criticism. ;-)

And I see 2...

Svenske Floyd said...

In the middle there are Gustav Adolf near and Johannes far behind. Near the left edge I believe there is a tiny tip of Katarina.

arabesque said...

i tried to enlarge the foto to get a closer look...oh! there it is! there's a spire on the far end, is that it? ^-^
that's an immense looking ferry,bet it's spacious inside.

Per Stromsjo said...

cieldequimper: Tallinn is in fact the only Baltic capital I have visited but it was an embarrassingly short stay so I can't really say I've seen anything.

Jacob: I probably snapped her from a favourable angle. These monstrosities aren't really ships - more like floating hotels...

Svenske Floyd: Thanks for settling this, I was waiting for local expertise to jump in. I haven't got the high resolution version at hand but I think we can agree on that tip of Katarina.

Well spotted!

arabesque: Gigantic vessels they are.

Again, thanks all.

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