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city jungle

text & photo: Jenny Lingstam

Well, they do call it "the city jungle". But I guess some take it more literally than others.

Kungsholmen (map) 7 October 2009


Vogon Poet said...

Beautiful image, I love windows draped in foliage like this one. But often think about all the tiny creature climbing toward the open window...

Jenny said...

Thank you! It is beautiful - and I'm not that easily spooked by bugs like that. It might make an interesting angle for a horror novel though...? ;o)

Halcyon said...

My MiL's house in Berlin is covered with vines like this one. I'm not sure it's good for the stones, but it looks nice!

Virginia said...

Gorgeous photo. The color and light is wonderful.

This is the vine that dies back inthe winter right? We have it here in Birmingham and it's all over the place in Paris.

Per Stromsjo said...

Thanks Jenny for being our daring correspondent in the Wild.

-Let's be careful out there.

Jenny said...

Halcyon - I probably shouldn't be telling anybody about this, but just between you and me: I once had an idea about a novel taking place in a house that's so old, and so ill-built, it's actually the vines holding everything together... Something the lease-holders are luckily unaware of, of course! ;-D

For Virginias question I must confess I'm not sure. I'm not even sure what this is - it's not the common Hedera, I think... So - is there a biologist in the house?

(Thanks for your kind comments of the photo, Virginina - I'm glad you like it! The real thing was of course... absolutely stunning, and I didn't quite manage to capture that. But does one ever?)

Per: Aye-aye, captain! ;)

Jacob said...

This is a superb photograph...the light on the window is outstanding along with the other colors.

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