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local game (food fest3)

The famous Swedish elk or moose is ever present. Here at the food experience fair in Aunty O's Groove (Tantolunden). It can't be easy to be a dog under at these circumstances. Game and food everywhere.

Hornstull (map) 22 August 2009


Vogon Poet said...

Funny sign and the dog seems really affected!

Zyzzyz said...

Does moose taste anything like venison?

Peter Fristedt said...

@Vogon: The signs are found on many Swedish highways. They are very popular memorabilia and are funny enough often nicked by Germans. Ah well, we just put up new signs after the tourist season. The authorities have also started selling them so you don't have to climb poles for that reason.

@Zyzzyz: Oh yes, moose is good game meat. I think the moose hunt is on its way now, a time of the year when (mostly) men go out to live in the woods, drink vodka and shoot animals with big guns (lampoon). I have the fortune to know one hunter and once a year I enjoy a really good moose dinner when he gets back into town. It's good served with a chanterelle sauce, lingonberries, juniper sauce, black currant jam, a root vegetable pyttipanna (hash) and, ... .

Per Stromsjo said...

...enough to turn any dog into a vegetarian!

Steffe said...

That's weird. Doesn't seem to be any bullet holes in that sign.

Jacob said...

Do they change the moose around if the arrow points the other direction? If not, it could become confusing. Would you follow the arrow or the moose?

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