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rainbow people

Once again the Pride Parade has marched through the streets of Stockholm. Once a year it seems perfectly OK to have a "deviate" way of life, and showing it in public, without getting harassed. The other 364 days it's probably not as colourful, and cheerful.

Kungsträdgårdsgatan (map) 1 August 2009


Vogon Poet said...

Wonderful shot, a real feast of colors and a nice photo op.

Claes said...

Colourful and beautiful.
If you are many you are strong. At least once a year.

cieldequimper said...

A rainbow! This is a gorgeous photo.

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

And that goes for every minority group too. So sad this is necessary! People should not judge about "deviate" lifestyle or sexual orientation. Vivid shot!

Jacob said...

Excellent captured the ambiance and excitement of the event very well.

In that vein, yesterday the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (which includes in its antecedents the Augustana Lutheran Church - of Swedish descent) gave the thumbs up to gay pastors.

It's been a long time coming!

Peter Fristedt said...

This is beautiful Bernt!

@Jacob: The OK to gay pastors was even on the Swedish news.

Bernt Seipl said...

Thanks all for commenting. This venue is a colourful one, and lots of pictures were taken, but this one DID show the essence of it quite well. Then there of course were all sort of "interesting" people showing off....sometimes almost everything they had, but those pics will NOT be shown here. Got to have some restriction.

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