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non-violence in Täby (2)

All 26 municipalities within Stockholm County are actively cooperating with the aim to strengthen the region. An association of local authorities has been established for development and lobbying. Maintaining peace with one's neighbours is not a bad idea. Sculpture by Reuterswärd.

Täby centrum (map) 3 August 2009


Vogon Poet said...

If neughbours are willing to cooperate, it's really a good idea.

Leif Hagen said...

Based on the photo, I guess they're trying to make sure guns don't work anymore, too!

Halcyon said...

Is there a lot of violence in Sweden? If there is, we certainly don't hear about it in the states.

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Nice snap! Indeed, friendly neighbors are (mostly) good neighbors. (-;
But what can a city do to improve this relationship? I don't get it (yet).

Per Stromsjo said...

I'm beginning to like this sculpture a lot. One could probably do an entire series on the lives and events surrounding it. (No, I won't!)

Vogon Poet: One of the oldest and yet so difficult.

Leif Hagen: A powerful symbol, this sculpture.

Halcyon: It so happens that I will be student of criminology in the months to come so one day I just might be in a better position to answer that very question! :) Meanwhile, I could speculate. There's surely violence in all societies. Depending on laws (such as the controversial right to bear fire arms in some countries) the violence will look differently. We're reasonably peaceful but many of us do like to drink and all sorts of things do occur when alcohol gets involved in the equation. Was that an answer? Probably not...

Buenos Aires Photoblog: I was just referring to the organized cooperation between municipal authorities as sort of a symbol for being good neighbours.

Thanks all for your peaceful comments!

m_m said...

I've noticed what the sculpture presents thanks to your description:)

Jacob said...

I remember the sculpture. And I'm thinking I like your blog as much as I do Steffe's!

Halcyon said...

People can't carry guns in Sweden can they?

From what I hear, Swedish people have one of the highest quality of life values in the world.

Hope your studies go well! And do feel free to share pictures.

Per Stromsjo said...

We're looking forward to a year of general elections so at least verbally there will be a bit of in-fighting taking place.

m_m: You should have one in Nowy Sacz as well!

Jacob: And, much like the best things in life, they're both free...

Halcyon: Thanks, I'll try to be a diligent student.

No, people can't carry handguns here. We're fortunate to live in a prosperous corner of the world and we've had peace for a couple of centuries. I'd say we have a good quality of life but that is highly subjective and people in most countries will say the same.

Thanks everyone!

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