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pro, anyone?

Sweden have produced many good tennis players through the years. Names like Janne Lundqvist, Björn Borg, Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg are well known to the world. I don't think these are future pro's of Swedish tennis, I think they are more enjoying themselves on the tennis court in the woods on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Haninge (map) 27 June 2009


Per Stromsjo said...

...and here's to our 18th municipality of the year. It's beginning to look like we'll be able to make the complete tour during 2009.

Jacob said...

I'll bet they're having fun, though...and who knows, perhaps one of these kids will get the bug and join the Swedish tennis elites before he/she is through!

Steffe said...

Oh, nice. I haven't played tennis for a very long time. I had my own garage wall to play against when I was a kid and three tennis courts ten meters from home!

Steffe said...

Is that in Jordbro? If so I have played indoors here.

Peter Fristedt said...

@Steffe: You're a regular Björn Borg then. I understand that he with great pig-headedness played his garage when he was a kid in Södertälje.

I found these guys in the woods, at Ådran. Perhaps that's a part of Jordbro? Follow the map link and you'll see.

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