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mid-month theme: subway day

Whoever says that red and green don't go well together should pay a visit to Solna centrum, 6 km north-west of Stockholm City. We're back in this subway station from 1975, artistically devised by Karl-Olov Björk and Anders Åberg. See more?

Tunnelbana Solna centrum (map) 6 July 2009

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Vogon Poet said...

I love this theme, sorry that we don't have a subway. I agree with you that this station is beautifully decorated and yes, I wanna see more...

Peter said...

I looked also on the "see more"! Looks really nice! Never visited this station; next time in Stockholm!

Julie said...

Yes the clarity of the green in last week's post is most attractive. However, the link between your "cast" in this photograph is very fascinating.

Sorry not to include the links in my post ... have fixed that now.

Have a good day ...

Peter Fristedt said...

That's a warm red, Per!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Perfect. And yes, that color-combination goes very well in nature too!

TV Tower on Sinhagad - Going Inside Clouds

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Wow, that's a strong picture! I think you can combine every color but you need an idea and style.

Buenos Aires Photo

Halcyon said...

Is she staring at a rat on the tracks? She certainly looks enthralled by something. In Paris you often see tiny little field mice on the tracks. You have to look carefully though because they've learned to blend in.

Jacob said...

I never said red and green don't go together...just consider the most popular Christmas colors - red and green!

Red and green sure work in this subway station!

Per Stromsjo said...

Here's a previous shot from this particular station.

Vogon Poet: Always happy to tempt you with a bit of the local underground.

Peter: Good idea! Next time. In case you're interested in football (I'm not) there's a lot to see above ground here where our national arena is located.

Julie: What intrigued me was the cast against that background which changes from rusty red to pitch black (being the tunnel of course).

Peter Fristedt: The artists would have loved to hear that. Their political theme (at least as far as I've been able to interpret it) deals with the tension between the warm and friendly local world and large-scale anonymous interests which threaten the little village. Or something! ;)

Bhavesh Chhatbar: Thanks. Right you are.

Buenos Aires Photoblog: Good point. A theme can successfully carry most combinations of shapes and colours.

Halcyon: Not to worry! I'm pretty sure she was just a bit bored and maybe tired of waiting for the train which was slightly delayed. You know the feeling.

Jacob: Another good point. Christmas is an excellent example. OK, so now we've eliminated this myth about non-matching colours.

Thanks all for commuting with us.

Mo said...

I would love to see art like this on our underground. I think red and green are perfect together.

JM said...

This green and this red do match perfectly! But take a look at the portuguese flag and tell me what you think... It's awful! Lol!
I do like this picture a lot, very nice play with the blurred background.

Andrea Gerak said...

Wow, again another station I don't know... When I am back in Stockholm, I will have to take a subway tour...

Happy Subway Day! :-)

Per Stromsjo said...

We'll return for another glimpse of Solna centrum in a week or so.

Mo: In fairness, most of your stations are three times as old as this one and I'm not sure how fresh this station will look at the end of the century.

JM: Good point about the flag - yet another red/green combination I needed to be reminded of! ;)

Andrea Gerak: Yes, you should do a tour when you're back. Looking forward to more of your Stockholm shots as well.

Thanks all.

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