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chilling in Västra Skogen

Before arriving at Huvudsta, you will encounter Västra Skogen ("the Western Forest") subway station - assuming that you're travelling from the city. Västra Skogen is a hub where you can change trains between the Hjulsta and the Akalla lines.

Tunnelbana Västra skogen, Solna (map) 6 July 2009


Glennis said...

Nice colourful capture of 3 relaxed young men. I like it.

Leif Hagen said...

Hejsan! Our friends the Nordstroms left for Stockholm yesterday with Icelandair! I'm soooo jealous! Halsningar fran Hagen

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Nice slice of urban life! I like this colorful rhombus pattern behind the guys.
What's this thing at left in the foreground?

Buenos Aires Photo

Alexander said...

This is a very nice station. Very colourful and relaxing.

Alex's World! -

Jazzy said...

love the look of your underground stations.

Per Stromsjo said...

Do you see the face in the foreground? If not, do read on!

Glennis: Thanks. It is a colourful station indeed. One of many. Glad you like it too.

Leif Hagen: Hej! Maybe you'll find an opportunity to stop by and try our subway as well, one of these days?

Buenos Aires Photoblog: Stay tuned for more glimpses from Västra skogen. And thanks for asking about the foreground, I made a point of including this in the photo and then forgot to comment on the object. All over the station you can find round stony objects which are in fact the profile of a face regardless of what angle you view it from. It's sort of an artistic signature of Västra Skogen.

Alexander: And a bit exciting too, there are footbridges and several tracks and what have you. Most of our stations tend to be rather simple. One platform, two tracks, period.

Jazzy: In fairness, most stations are old and somewhat dull. As you can imagine, it's more interesting to stroll around these relatively new stations.

Thanks all for hanging around Västra Skogen with us.

cieldequimper said...

Another colourful underground moment!

JM said...

Very well composed! All decorative elements are truly eye-catching.

Peter Fristedt said...

Love this one Per! As said by others: well composed, colours, patterns, relaxed.

m_m said...

Youe angle is great! Lovely photo of daily life!

Jacob said...

I like the colors. Nice slice-of-life shot, Per Stromsjo!

Halcyon said...

It's very colorful. Looks like they're having an interesting conversation as well!

Per Stromsjo said...

We'll return for another glimpse one of these days.

cieldequimper: The place to be!

JM: Thanks. I've got several favourite stations by now and this is certainly one of them.

Peter Fristedt: It should be a laid-back time of year. Incidentally, I never figured out whether these guys are in fact tourists but that's my guess.

m_m: I wish every season could be as relaxed!

Jacob: Oddly, most of this station is grey but these patterns of tiles are what we remember. Powerful.

Halcyon: What better way to spend those minutes waiting for a train?

Thanks all.

Anonymous said...

happy to see such a nice photo :)

Tinsie said...

Have I told you how much I like your people shots?

Per Stromsjo said...

Part of this line is currently closed due to the construction of a new rail tunnel under the city. More on that coming up.

exposemaximum: Ain't nothing like everyday life.

Tinsie: Do feel free to remind me! ;)

Again, thanks all.

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