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old bird

The S/S Ejdern (the Eider) is the world's oldest coal fired propeller driven steamer with original engine. Built 1880 in Gothenburg it has had its home port in Södertälje since 1906. Visit the Museiföreningen Ångfartyget Ejdern who maintain the old beauty.

Södertälje (map) 2 May 2009


Lena Johansson said...

I like this boat but have not been going by it myself. It is famous here south of Stockholm.

Jacob said...

Very nice photo of an old beauty! I'm glad to see that it is being maintained. I'd guess that it is now mainly for show, right?

Vogon Poet said...

I love this boat it is a rarity and a beauty. Do they really use it sometimes?

Peter Fristedt said...

Bear in mind that this is a heritage association with an unpaid workforce. Traffic season seams to be from May to September. During this period they traffic most weekends and I count to 30 journeys, mainly from Södertälje to Birka (said to be Sweden's first city, ancient trading centre and capital of vikings) and to Drottningholm (where our King and Queen live), both destinations in Lake Mälaren. You can also charter the ship for private parties.

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