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nocturne for Hammarby Church

Hammarby Church from the 13th century is located by Lake Fysingen in Upplands-Väsby and is surrounded by a beautiful cemetery. The small church has no bell tower. Instead there's a campanile standing on the ridge next to the church with the bells operated by remote control. See more?

Hammarby kyrka, Upplands-Väsby (map) 31 May 2009


Lena Johansson said...

Bedårande - om man nu får använda det ordet! Du är en fotokonstnär!Färger, djupet i himlen och de svarta korsen som är sirligt sköna mot kyrkans vägg. Du kan!

Hilda said...

Beautiful evening shot. Beautiful metal crosses too.

I hope you can take a photo of the bells on the ridge. Sounds very interesting. I've never encountered anything like that here.

Babooshka said...

That is a bold image. Love the broody dark light

Halcyon said...

Beautiful. You always get the best colors in your night photos. I wish I had your patience.

Per Stromsjo said...

This kind of night excursion should have been made a couple of decades ago, then you'd have seen a bit of the interior as well. These days our churches are closed most of the time and certainly overnight.

Lena Johansson: Tack! Den är liten pärla, den här kyrkan. En av många. Faktum är att kameran gjorde motstånd just den här kvällen vad färgerna beträffar så det tog en stund innan vi blev överens.

Hilda: It's a little gem, this church. It might take a while before we return here. Fortunately, Wikimedia has already got such a photo for us. Have a look here!

Babooshka: Appreciate that! Dark light sums it up pretty well.

Halcyon: You're very kind but I guess you're right about the patience. Some of us are very good at snapping photos in the moment. I'm the other kind of photographer. Give me hours upon hours and then I just might come up with something...

Thanks all for going to church with us!

Jacob said...

Striking photo! How'd you manage that? Also an interesting story...sure rang my bell!

JM said...

The juxtaposition is fantastic here!

Per Stromsjo said...

Our many old churches are an important cultural heritage and I think it's important to document them for all sorts of reasons.

Jacob: Let's see now... A tripod on top of the stone wall surrounding the church, lots of patience, some arguing back and forth with the camera about white balance and finally a bit of luck.

JM: Thanks! I was aiming to capture those contrasts somehow.

Appreciate your stopping by.

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