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mid-month theme: subway day

Meet a cheetah! The world's fastest animal is in no hurry as yet another subway train stops by. Kristineberg station from 1952 is located 6 kilometers (and no less than seven stations) from Subway Central. Alongside the noisy Drottningholm Road, Kristineberg is not a particularly pleasant place to hang around but we should stop by to visit a cool cat. Carina Wallert has created the sculpture Resande med djur ("Traveller With Animal") in bronze and concrete.

Kristineberg station (map) 16 May 2009

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Vogon Poet said...

Fine sculpure very well photographed, with those diagonal lines following its perspective.

Peter said...

Nice to see that there is room for art in the subways stations ... referring also to the preceding posts!

Hilda said...

Very appropriate for a subway with fast trains.

Julie said...

I like sculptures that are elongated like this. Having looked at what onderful art you and Peter have found in subways, I am going to keep my eyes peeled for anything arty. I know of some murals down near Central and some tiles in St James. Might start with those two.

Happy Subway day!

Per Stromsjo said...

If you look closely "through" the train you might catch a glimpse of the school Kullskolan - or at least their flag pole. Follow the link and you'll see some more of the school.

Vogon Poet: Thanks. I had some difficulties with the colours in that artificial light but I suppose it worked out well in the end.

Peter: Yes, it was a wise decision decades ago to leave room for artistic decorations.

Hilda: Certainly is. Ours aren't terribly fast in fact but given enough exposure they kind of look fast anyhow... ;)

Julie: Appreciate that. Yes, do see if you can find us some art in your local flavour.

Thanks all for stopping by Kristineberg with us.

Happy subway day !

Leif Hagen said...

Hej igen! Cool chetah! I love sculpture photos! Tack for fodelsedag halsningar!

Mo said...

We could do with more art in the subways here.

Jacob said...

Nicely composed shot! Especially with the train zooming by in the background! Interesting sculpture, for sure, and as Hilda said, it does fit in with fast trains...

cieldequimper said...

OK. I'm DEFINITELY going to visit Stockholm's underground! ;-)

JM said...

Gorgeous composition! I like the cheetah/fast train thing. Very clever!

Peter Fristedt said...

I must take the train to Kristineberg and have a look at the old cat!

Per Stromsjo said...

This work of art is from 1991.

Leif Hagen: Hej Leif. So you did survive the birthday party then? ;)

Mo: Except for the obvious issue of money, I guess there are a couple of challenges. First this needs to be coordinated to have the artwork in sync with the station's architecture. (In the case of Kristineberg this is an old and frightfully dull station so it's hard to imagine how any work of art could avoid improving the overall impression.) And then it's a matter of maintenance - basically dealing with vandals. Whatever is created will be subject to their attacks so it's not exactly a free choice of materials and locations.

Jacob: I was hungry, heading for a late-late-late snack and would have wanted to take this particular train but I did need to take another shot. The things we do for art! ;)

cieldequimper: That's great. We'll notify the tourist authorities! ;)

JM: Thanks. The auto-focus wasn't fully cooperative but, other than that, I'm pretty happy with this photo.

Peter Fristedt: Yes, you must!

Appreciate all your comments.

Andrea Gerak said...

Yep, another station I haven't been to...

Happy Subway Day! Guess what: this time I didn't miss it :-)))

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Awesome capture.... Cheetahs are so majestic like the sculpture in this picture! What do you mean by not a particularly pleasant place to hang around? Is it unsafe at night?

Pia K said...

Fast indeed, as he/she runs between Ulriksdal Castle and Kristineberg...;) Or maybe it's the twin cheeta. Unusual and sweet sculpture, even if I prefer cat beings a dash bit chubbier.

humanobserver said...

A great sculpture :)

Per Stromsjo said...

Let's send a special greeting to our friend Ming(tm) in New York City who helped us start this mid-month theme back in August 2007. Do you remember?

Andrea Gerak: On the other hand, you have seen a lot more of Budapest... :)

Buenos Aires Photoblog: I was merely referring to the noisy road running alongside the station platform. That's why it's not the kind of place where you'd want to remain for hours.

Pia K: How could she be chubbier when she's running to and from Ulriksdal? ;)

humanobserver: It is.

Again, thanks all.

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