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two kings in one

Charles XIII & II (Swedish: Carl XIII) (7 October 1748 - 5 February 1818), was King of Sweden (as Charles XIII) from 1809 and King of Norway (as Charles II) from 1814 until his death. One statue, two kings.

Even though I'm of that age that I had to learn our kings by heart in school, I say what on earth would I do without Wikipedia?

Kungsträdgården (map) 29 April 2009


Steffe said...

I remember nothing about what I might have learned about these old kings in school. So it's great to be able to google them when you need to.

Vogon Poet said...

I absolutely agree and this is so useful when you have to explain something you barely know to others.

Halcyon said...

I used to use encyclodpedias... Wiki is so much more convenient! Esp when you have the iphone.

cieldequimper said...

So much for learning by heart! This is interesting: a double king, double lions, cherry trees and a girl who looks like she's winking...

Jacob said...

I think my mother's father, who came from Sweden, was named for this guy...well, his name was Carl, but then he changed it to Charles when he got here.

If he had not died so young he might have changed it again; to Olaf, maybe.

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