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folk music

Russindalen Spelmän is playing folk music on the International dancing day in Kungsträdgården. On the Kungsträdgården web page there is a photo of some people dancing.

Kungsträdgården (map) 29 April 2009


gogouci said...

Not sure what type of instrument the gentleman in the middle is playing, but he sure looks like he's ready to rock the night away.

Steffe said...

gogouci, it is probably a Nyckelharpa:

Peter Fristedt said...

"Ready to rock the night away" :o)

Yes, definitely a nyckelharpa.

cieldequimper said...

Didn't you dance? ;-)

Peter Fristedt said...

@cieldequimper: Maybe I should have tried a dance with the "girl who looks like she's winking"! It could have worked out well :o)

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