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fly by train

The Södertälje Syd railway station, situated on the two kilometres long and 48 meters high Igelsta bridge, has its own IATA code. So the next time you want to go to Södertälje, book your flight to XEZ. Below is the E4 motorway.

Södertälje Syd (map) 2 May 2009


Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

The highway seems pretty deserted. I wish the streets here were the same. Seems that everyone is already in the weekend!? Enjoy.

Buenos Aires Photo

Anonymous said...

This looks like early Sunday morning on our Interstate.

Halcyon said...

I do hope to make it to Stockholm one day!

m_m said...

Nice photo, very infrastructural!:)
I really like this type of photos.

Vogon Poet said...

Quite desert, or perfect tempo...

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