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eco-driving by Nybroplan

If you don't feel like paddling alongside fashionable Strandvägen you can always take the bike. In a dedicated bike lane of course.

Nybroplan (map) 25 May 2009


Anonymous said...

Snyggt! (Och inte bara brudarna dårå... ;o) ) Tydliga skärpeplan (eller vad det heter) i actionbilder är knepigt - det är mitt svagaste kort, tror jag. Men här är det ju klockrent.

Och så gillar jag (givetvis) angreppssättet att skildra Stockholm genom dess invånare. Stockholm är vi allihopa...!

Steffe said...

It's the only way to go!

Halcyon said...

I wouldn't mind biking to work as long as the route is flat!

Lena Johansson said...

En livsstil som jag tror på - väl fångad!

Per Stromsjo said...

These are my heroes! The street and the intersection outside the Dramatic Theatre was entirely congested by cars waiting for each other and the air I was breathing while standing there was absolutely terrible. So kudos to the folks who do their part in trying to improve the environment for all of us.

himmelochord: Tack för de orden. Jag får väl citera en kamrat: "My camera takes really nice pictures. I ain't so bad either." För det är ju den snabba auto-fokuseringen som räddar mig här.

Att skildra sta'n genom dess inbyggare är precis vad jag vill försöka mig på framöver efter att tidigare ha gjort mig skyldig till oräkneliga bilder utan tillstymmelse till folk...

Steffe: I'm not yet a fully converted practician but I'm certainly beginning to see your point!

Halcyon: This route is pretty flat so you would like it!

Lena Johansson: Roligt att du tycker så. Håller helt med om livsstilen även om det - som Pia tidigare påpekat - inte precis är riskfritt att vara hjälte i cykelfilen.

Thanks all for joining us on this bike trip.

Tinsie said...

Strandvägen is one of my favourite places in Stockholm. Can we see more of it please?

BTW the faces they're pulling are definitely due to the sun ;-)

Jacob said...

An excellent way to maneuver your way around the city. Especially if you have dedicated bike lanes!

Ah...Per may want to check out Ocala Daily Photo tomorrow as you will find something special...and I hope you appreciate the many hours, yea days, of work that went into its creation and application.

You'll probably want to give me a medal or something: Maybe the Stromsjo Prize?


JM said...

I guess the younger lady noticed you were taking the shot. :-)
Great street photo!

Per Stromsjo said...

There were other green modes of transportation on display as well and maybe we'll return to take another look.

Tinsie: It is a fine place and we'll see if we can find more stuff. Meanwhile, you may already have tried the search box. If not, here's some previous material from this particular boulevard.

Jacob: Those bike lanes make a lot of difference. They are a relatively new invention.

So you did find that house after all? I'll go have a look after the weekend!

JM: Thanks. It kind of looks that way but there was a lot happening where I was standing so we'll never know.

Good to have you all stopping by.

photoimagine said...

Undrar just om du har en annan kamerautrustning nu för tiden.

Hur som helst så har mannen bakom kameran gjort jobbet. Mycket bra dessutom!

Trevlig helg!
/ Imagine

Vogon Poet said...

I can't bike to work: it's a five minute walk...

Per Stromsjo said...

I guess we're in for good bike weather in Stockholm this weekend. Have a good one, folks!

photoimagine: Man bockar. Det där med utrustningen stämmer. Jag laborerar lite med en SLR-kamera mellan varven. Ibland blir det bra men det mesta slipper ni se... ;)

Vogon Poet: Right. Not much point in bringing out the bike for that kind of trip. Five minutes, imagine that... I don't mind commuting but I could certainly get used to spending all those hours in other ways.

Thanks all for hanging around Nybroplan with us.

humanobserver said...

it is indeed a great photo. I loved the natural light on them :)

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