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stone serious

- You and me, my dearest. We'll conquer the rest.

Looks like a loving gesture, doesn't it? This is actually part of a bigger scene. There's a whole family of four in the statue called "The Family" or "Towards future" by Nils Sjögren at Vår gård ("our farm"), a conference center in Saltsjöbaden.

Saltsjöbaden (map) 15 March 2009 | others bloggar


Shadow said...

It brings to mind the idea of growing old together. I like it!

humanobserver said...

But why you did you take the shot from behind ?

JM said...

Very cool composition indeed!

Bernt Seipl said...

Shadow: That's what I wanted to achieve.

Humanobserver: To try to imagine what they were looking at. Sometime later on, I might show the whole statue. On Stockholm-by-plenty of course.

JM: Thanks.

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