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Sorunda Church

This church looks lovely from a distance, with it's lighting. Coming closer, there's evidence it might need some cleaning. Even so, it looks great. The inside is very nice too, that's why we chose it to get married in, last August. This is Sorunda Church at night.

Sorunda kyrka, Nynäshamn (map) 6 April 2009 | others bloggar


m_m said...

Great lighting! The church looks superb!

Lena Johansson said...

Tack Bernt! Så vacker den är och vilken belysning. Underbar kontrast mellan kyrkan och himlen.Du är en konstnär!

humanobserver said...

A rusty look.

Steffe said...

A familiar place for me as I have been to Sorunda many times and I always stop here for a few photos. Congrats to picking this old church for your wedding.

Jacob said...

Very nice night shot and of a place that has special meaning to you.

Bernt Seipl said...

Lena: Den är vacker inuti också, det var därför vi valde den.

Humanobserver: Rusty? That's a good description actually.

Steffe: I've been here many times too, but it was only last year I was inside the church for the first time.

Thanks to all for commenting.

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