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mid-month theme: subway day

Almost half of the 4800 inhabitants of Hallonbergen ("Raspberry Mountains") in Sundbyberg Municipality are born in other countries. From the subway station you can reach Stockholm City in 13 minutes. This train is accelerating north-west and will arrive in Kista in three minutes.

Hallonbergen station (map) 10 April 2009 | others bloggar

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Mo said...

Fast and efficient. Don't think we'll ever aee that in London

Julie said...

And it looks very clean, too! Per, if half of the suburb is born overseas which countries do they mostly hail from? It seems to me that half the world lives somewhere else!

I like the action in your photo of both the people and the train. But I do wonder what that pink structure is. Is it simply decorative?

Per Stromsjo said...

If you look closely at the bottom right corner of the photo you can see a symbolic compass in the platform for those who want to know where north might be.

Mo: This particular line was established in 1975 so it should be reasonably modern. Give it another half a century and I guess it'll seem more like London...

Julie: Many people keep reiterating this observation about our subway looking very clean so there has got to be some truth to this.

According to our friends at Wikipedia, many residents of Hallonbergen come from Lebanon, Syria and Eritrea.

Every station has got its colour theme and in this case it happens to be pink. The structure itself is there to support lights and signs and what have you, hanging above the platform.

Happy subway day everyone!

Ming the Merciless said...

Interesting color there. I guess that is why it's called Raspberry Mountain.

Happy Subway Day

get zapped said...

Very cool shot! It took me a minute to figure it out. Fun!

Jacob said...

Great photo...the blurred people gives the impression of speed which is your point, I think.

I envy your modes of transportation!

Per Stromsjo said...

This station is somewhat controversial for reasons we'll get back to another day. It has to do with the artistic decorations.

Mint(tm): That's interesting, you might be correct.

get zapped: I'm wondering whether you might be referring to the previous post from inside a bread crate but never mind. Thanks anyhow!

Jacob: We were fortunate to have wise politicians who decided to adopt an extended, high capacity subway network without knowing how the city would grow. Without it, things would have been difficult today.


JM said...

This is also very cool, Per! Fantastic subway shot!

Tinsie said...

Nice shot. I love the pink gate :-)

Andrea Gerak said...

Yet another subway station in Stockholm I think I haven't seen yet...

Happy belated Subway Day!
Finally my post is up as well...

Per Stromsjo said...

...and now for some subway trivia. Between this station and Rinkeby is the only subway line which has been closed after being operative. No passengers travel there anymore, just empty trains to and from a depot. The change occurred in 1985 when a new line was opened.

JM: Thanks. I wonder what your favourite station in Stockholm would be.

Tinsie: Out of a hundred stations, I can only think of one other which is also pink. Then again, I don't remember them all.

Andrea Gerak: I like raspberries so with a name like that you can't go wrong. And a happy belated subway day to you!

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