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walking the talk

Björkby-Kyrkviken is a nature reserve in central Vallentuna. Enjoying your Sunday walk alongside Kyrkviken ("Church Bay") isn't half bad.

Kyrkviken, Vallentuna (map) 1 March 2009 | others bloggar


Steffe said...

I'm guessing there's a bit more snow today. This looks almost spring like!

JM said...

Wonderful, but I can see why it's hard for you to believe we are having 24ºC again! :-)))

Per Stromsjo said...

During the first week of March what little snow we had disappeared. And then it began snowing again a couple of days ago.

Steffe: It really does look spring like. That particular morning was rather cold but by noon when this was shot we had about 0C.

JM: Well, your version of winter is slightly different from ours... ;)


Jacob said...

Beautiful area...I can imagine it's glorious in the summer. Looks a bit cold for strolling now, though.

humanobserver said...

Well-composed shot :)

Per Stromsjo said...

This nice couple decided to walk into view while I was contemplating trees and shadows... I'm glad they did.

Jacob: Actually this was a rather agreeable winter day. Still, it did require quite a bit of clothing. I won't argue with you about the summer aspect... ;)

humanobserver: Thanks. A bit of luck was involved too, see above...

Glad you all stopped by.

Tinsie said...

Looks cold!

Per Stromsjo said...

Tinsie: Nah, the sun was warm and friendly... ;) If you look at the path you can see which side faces South, that's the side without any snow.

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