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walking on water

When there is sun in the sky and ice on the water suddenly everybody have to take a walk on water. It's nice for a change to see the shore from the water side instead of the other way around. Årsta railway bridge in the background.

Årstaviken (map) 1 March 2009 | others bloggar


Halcyon said...

Cool! I once walked across one of the frozen lakes in Berlin. It was really fun. There were people with stands with hot drinks and ice skaters and all sort of things.

Babooshka said...

We have no frozen anything here to walk on. I would like this scene here.

Jacob said...

Being of the Swedish extraction, I've always figured we could walk on water!

humanobserver said...

Never walked on frozen area.

Anonymous said...

Babooshka: I'm sure we would read about it in the papers, if that scene suddenly was seen in your neighbourhood.

Deslilas said...

Where are the kickparks ?
It was a good day for them.
I miss ice here in Champagne.
Our lakes were frozen for a fortn ight only.

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