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time out at operan

In ice hockey, both teams are allowed one thirty-second time-out during a match. At the Opera, they take a break when Macbeth has seen the ghost of Banquo at a banquet.

Operan, Gustav Adolfs torg (map) 10 March 2009 | others bloggar


Jacob said...

That's just a wonderful and funny shot. Where did they go? Where did they go? Will they come back?

Love it!

Well done, stromsjo...and thanx for visiting the green pea soup.

Halcyon said...

I love peeking into the orchestra pit. You really got it at a nice angle.

Mo said...

Great view. I prefer the opera to ice hockey

JM said...

I really like your theater shots! They are fantastic indeed!

Per Stromsjo said...

Jacob: Fear not, they did come back to sort of the adventures of one Macbeth character.

Certainly was a memorable soup! (In case anyone wonders what we're on about, Jacob showed us where alligators are lurking about.)

Halcyon: It is a nice angle and this is where "my" seat is. I don't see everything which goes on at the stage but I'm pretty happy with the seat anyhow.

Mo: As a matter of fact, so do I! Do you have a favourite composer or maybe even a fav opera?

Thanks for making this pit stop when the orchestra left for a while.

m_m said...

Like your photo! Great capture!

cieldequimper said...

;-)) Love the photo, was it nice?

Lena Johansson said...

De sitter ju i en stor, tygfodrad ask, snygg färg! En utsökt ask, tack för bilden!

Per Stromsjo said...

We could all use a time out now and then.

JM: Appreciate that. I enjoy going to the theatre, with or without singing. One of the advantages of living in a (fairly) large city.

m_m: Honestly, those seats aren't quite as comfortable as they look!

cieldequimper: It's a nice place but I wouldn't call Macbeth a nice evening. Too much gloom and doom.

Lena Johansson: Så sant, en ask mitt i härligheten. Notera också de tomma stolarna längst upp i bilden. Alltid lika tomma, alltid lika reserverade.

Thanks all for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful place, I would love to visit here! Goddag

humanobserver said...

Nice one :)

Per Stromsjo said...

As a matter of fact, they're playing Macbeth tonight as well. Started three minutes ago.

Carrie Hayes: Tack så mycket! Hoppas du får tillfälle att besöka vår opera... :)

humanobserver: I just wish they would get themselves a real curtain one of these days...

Again, thanks all.

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