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modern ambo

An ambo is a speaker's stand in the front of a church. When the sunlight enters Vallentuna Church this modern ambo reflects the beautiful old interior in new colours.

Vallentuna kyrka (map) 1 March 2009 | others bloggar


Julie said...

In Australia, the speaker's stand in the front of a church is a pulpit. An "ambo" is slang for an ambulance driver.

Steffe said...

You have to love Aussie slang!

Mo said...

Lovley light

Per Stromsjo said...

This is a recent addition to the church. They appeared rather proud of it when I visited - and rightfully so.

Julie: It is in fact sort of a pulpit. You never know when you might need a paramedic so it's good to have convenient terms for those as well! :)

Steffe: Turns out that interpretation has even been admitted into the Wikipedia article on this subject. How 'bout that. Semi-official slang?

Mo: The light had me glued to this place for quite a while.

Thanks all for commenting.

Jacob said...

I knew about ambos. I just didn't know you had them in Swedish churches, too.

Nice reflection.

I think I'll amble along now.

JM said...

I've never seen such a speaker's stand, especially having such modern design. Really great!

humanobserver said...

Loved the mixture of sun light and shadow.

Per Stromsjo said...

I wonder what influence a beautiful ambo has on the attention paid to whatever words are being spoken from there?

Jacob: It was one of those days. A reflective mood, batteries charged and a vacant spot left on that memory stick... ;)

JM: I've added this to the growing list of objects which deserve a revisit.

humanobserver: And there you have it. Just what caught my imagination.

Thanks all!

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