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indoor skating

Indoor skating at the Gallerian shopping mall. The 'ice' made of plastic has been turned down by kindergarten kids as too slow. "We want real ice and speed" they protested. And got. These girls seem to have no problem with the ice. They were quite good.

Gallerian (map) 26 February 2009 | others bloggar


humanobserver said...

I love to see this sport on TV but never experienced it. By the way, your questions on my blog about holi is that there is a tradition to this festival.

Second, that place is not meant for swimming. Very drty. :)

Per Stromsjo said...

This is the kind of talent one would need just to get safely to and from the bus on some icy winter days.

Steffe said...

If I had a go at this I would probably break a leg or two.

Jacob said...

What great fun. The rink does not look very large, however. Are there usually more people than this skating?

Anonymous said...

Talent and lots of balance I would have to say! Great action.

Halcyon said...

It doesn't look like they have much room though!

Julie said...

Skating is very hard work: both when standing up and also when falling down!

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