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Globen Monday

The Globen tram station on an ordinary Monday. Globen (or as it's known nowadays - the Ericsson Globe) is an ever present sphere in the Stockholm scenery. Here are a few photos from us at Stockholm by Pixels.

Globen (map) 2 March 2009 | others bloggar


Julie said...

nice angle and i like the lines in it.

Steffe said...

Gloomy Globen!

Jacob said...

It does look a bit gloomy and cold. The photo, though, is excellent...but I wouldn't want to stand out there waiting for a train or tram or gram very long.

humanobserver said...

Cool :)

Peter Fristedt said...

Julie: Everywhere lines and in the middle a round ball.

Steffe: 8^) That's witty!

Jacob and humanobserver: Cap, cloves and that woollen scarf is recommended. Or another season.

Thanks all!

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