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from Stockholm with boat

Two ferries from Stockholm anchoring in the Finnish capital Helsinki. On the left the red Viking Line and on the right the white Silja Line. The two ferries leave Stockholm just before five in the afternoon and follow each other over night to Helsinki where they arrive at ten o'clock in the morning.

Helsinki, Finland (map) 27 March 2009 | others bloggar


Julie said...

nice composition. I long to get back on a ship for some ocean views. There is nothing like being on a ship with a balcony to take it all in and hear the water rushing by in the open sea. I am glad you enjoyed the Scottsdale Art Walk photos on my site. In answer to your question, the arts scene is still thriving but purchases are down because of the economy. I worry about all the top notch artists and hope they can survive this recession/depression. Many will likely supplement their incomes with other work, but in the past in good times they could survive on their art work. I am back to cactus today!

Per Stromsjo said...

A harbour as an icy dance floor for all those birds. Lovely scene!

Ineke said...

thats a weird idea, 2 of these huge boats following each other to the same destination. With the current crisis at hand i just can't believe they are both full.

cieldequimper said...

Your composition is superb/

Anonymous said...

Even weird ideas can have rational arguments.
Consider 2000 more or less drunk passengers located in a 10 floor high floating casino, restaurant, bar and disco building in distress at the sea.
They ferries between Stockholm and Helsinki are never more that 15 - 30 minutes from each other during the journey.
This is a construct made up after the M/S Estonia accident between the Two shipping companies, both ferries participated in the search and rescue the night M/S Estonia sank and had to deviate heavily from there route as they traffic another route and the national sea rescue organizations in the region.
To rescue 2000 or more passengers at sea is proven extremely difficult, to the borderline of doable to be able to stay on the possible side of the border of catastrophe one need a platform capable to carry survivors and good wether. M/S Estonia sank before help was on site, and it vas bad wether.

Jacob said...

Beautiful photo. Do you ever take a ride to Helsinki just, say, for the hell of it?

humanobserver said...

It is simply yet a striking view. I guess you must have clicked this picture in the early morning.

Peter Fristedt said...

Thank you all for commenting!

Ineke: Crisis or no crisis, there's quite a lot of passengers and cargo on the boats. They wouldn't do it if the didn't make money on it.

bcp: Thanks for enlightening us!

Jacob: Yes, sometimes to Helsinki, and sometimes to Mariehamn on the autonomous island Åland or Turku on the Finnish mainland.

humanobserver: Not very early at all, at ten in the morning.

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