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ethos in bagarmossen

Ethos is the first mode of persuasion in classic rhetoric. Ethos is about character and credibility. Authority. Like being a grown-up.
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Bagarmossen (map) 9 March 2009 | others bloggar


Deslilas said...

Good legend !

Jacob said...

Great you suppose he's going off somewhere on his own and is getting instructions on how to be a "man"?

Halcyon said...

They look like a cool pair.

JM said...

Brilliant! Fantastic composition and text too! :-)

Mo said...

Great picture

cieldequimper said...

Perfect composition and excellent caption!

Per Stromsjo said...

According to well-informed sources, there is in fact disagreement between experts on this issue. One school of experts insists that ethos is all about how you present your argument and not at all about who you really are.

I kind of like the thought of experts in rhetoric settling such an issue between themselves using - of course - the most sophisticated arguments! ;)

Deslilas: Thanks :)

Jacob: Not at this moment. As a matter of fact, something entirely different caught their attention...

Halcyon: My guess is that they are a big sister with her little brother but I could be entirely wrong.

JM: It's fun when a text and a photo can agree on cooperating, once in a while... :)

Mo: I like it too.

cieldequimper: Turns out that they really composed themselves. As usual I was aiming for something else. In my case, that seems to be the trick. (Look for A and you just might find B.)

Thanks all!

Incidentally, we might get an opportunity soon to revisit these nice commuters at Bagarmossen!

Anonymous said...

What stories you could come up with this shot!! Love it

humanobserver said...

It seems thay were having a great conversation.

Anonymous said...

I can't cope with the fact that pastry-chef-marsh (bakers bud) [Bagarmossen] not is the end station of line 17 and underground.

Ethos is all in your saying, I'l go for Aristotle's view on ethos.

The picture is as always taken in the right tome from the right angel. I like the way the young man is holding the paper from that point of view.

Per Stromsjo said...

There are courses in rhetoric. This concept won't go out of style.

Carrie Hayes: Thanks! And yet, reality tends to surpass whatever we come up with.

humanobserver: Indeed they were and I dare say it all ended happily.

bcp: Well, you'd have to get over it. Baker's Bog had its decades of fame as an end station. But look at it from the brighter side, they got an entirely new station! And you're right, we wouldn't dare arguing with Aristotle now, would we?

"Persuasion is achieved by the speaker's personal character when the speech is so spoken as to make us think hum credible..."

Again, thanks all!

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