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the art of changing - or changing art ?

Sundbyberg subway station is undergoing a slight change. The old art ("Vid bommarna/at the gates" by Michael Söderlundh) has been worn out. I'm not sure if the new art is better looking though, but it's in the eyes of the beholder I guess. Today the transformation is nearly complete. Which of the two halves is the new one? The lower part. Apparently it has no name yet, according to information I have. The remaining paintings (6 in all) will be replaced as well.

Sundbybergs centrum (map) 13 February 2009 | others bloggar

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Peter Fristedt said...

That's bad news Bernt. I always liked Vid bommarns. I'm sure the new one will be beautiful, but there is no shortage of tile in other metro artwork. Vid bommarna was an unique painting of everyday life in Sundbyberg.

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