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spaced out at centralen

Getting high on light, patterns and architecture in general sounds reasonably healthy as compared to some other substances. Here's yet another dose of our central railway station.

Centralen (map) 11 January 2009 | others bloggar


humanobserver said...

A great view indeed :)

Svenske Floyd said...

Some of the wall paintings in the hall are cute. Did you shoot them too?

m_m said...

Great photo!

Halcyon said...

Beautiful ceiling!

Per Stromsjo said...

The company running the premises surrounding the Swedish railway are pretty creative. This is obviously their flagship building (sorry about that strange expression, I got carried away;) and colours and appearance keeps changing throughout the commuting year.

humanobserver: It is!

Svenske Floyd: Not this time around (and never before, in fact) but thanks for that suggestion. Do keep them coming, we're relying on reader input to stay innovative.

m_m: Thanks!

Halcyon: You've probably heard me whine about this before but we really don't make'm like this anymore.

Appreciate your stopping by.

JM said...

LOL! Very funny text to go with the photo! And what a great perspective this is.

Peter Fristedt said...

I've said it before and I say it again: It's high time to spend an hour or two at this beautiful station building.

Mo said...

Seems we both love railway stations. Love the angle you took this.

Julie said...

what a different view great perspective

Per Stromsjo said...

It so happened that I missed my commuter train. Having half an hour of bonus time here wasn't half bad.

JM: Sometimes I wish I knew something about architecture. I suppose there's a lot more to experience for those in the know.

Peter Fristedt: Most certainly is!

Mo: Sights and sounds, the whole package!

Julie: Thanks!

Glad to have you all stopping by.

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